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10.000 High-Security Smart Phones

The world’s largest computer expo is going on in Hannover, Germany: CeBIT 2013. German’s Chancellor Angela Merkel was given a tour at the opening and proudly displayed a new smart phone that will be ready for her use in mid 2013. The quirk? The phone is wire-tap protected: Both speech and data are to be encrypted and stored according to the highest security standards. She will be able to choose from a modified Samsung or Blackberry.

Not only she. Supposedly 10 000 such phones are to be delivered to employees in German administration at a price of 2 500 Euro per piece. Yes, of course those who run the state must be able to communicate in a safe way. This is true for a lot of employees in corporations also. A lot of confidential business data is transmitted via smart phones. And so is a lot of other personal data between ordinary citizens.

At 5th of July Foundation we believe everyone deserves a high-security smart phone, just like Angela Merkel. Maybe that will not happen, but in fact anyone can achieve a higher security via a smart choice of trusted services.

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