We stand up for human rights on the internet

5th of July Foundation works actively to make internet security, privacy and liberty available to more people.

The vision of the founders

Politicians often talk about the importance of freedom of speech on the internet. At the same time they abolish privacy, block internet traffic and let authorities register what we all do on the net. They undermine the basis for freedom of expression.

As Swedish internet pioneers we don’t like this development. We decided to offer resistance.

Opinion-making is fine. We have done it and we will continue.

But talking is not enough. We also want to act.

Act to drive opinion. Act through offering truly trustable services. Act to allow anyone to enhance the Security, Privacy, and Liberty of their communication.

Oscar Swartz, chairman


Here is the short version of the goals of the 5th of July Foundation:

  • defend freedom of opinion and freedom of expression on the internet – in practical deed
  • educate the public about freedom of opinion, expression and privacy
  • participate in the public debate in these areas
  • support diversity and free exchange of ideas on the internet
  • seek to counteract damaging effects of monitoring, recording, retaining and blocking of internet traffic
  • provide internet services that further these causes

The long version of purpose of the 5th of July Foundation is found in the Charter.


Just like Greenpeace acts to raise awareness of certain questions, we want to protect the digital environment. What kind of trusted internet services do you wish that can enhance Security, Privacy and Liberty for the general public? We listen to suggestions.


VPN service

VPN services are key in providing security, privacy and liberty to people. But it’s often hard to find out who the owners of a VPN provider are and if you can trust them with your traffic. Therefore we decided to start a trustworthy VPN. The service is currently only available through resellers, Integrity.st being the first and only one so far. Want to become a reseller? Get in touch here.

XMPP/Jabber server

Our XMPP/Jabber server at jabber.5july.org offers secure chats and is free for everyone to use. Read more here.

Temporary email service

Flashbox let’s you register on websites with a disposable email address without a password.

There are plenty of similar services around, but ours is stripped of snooping code and has no ads.

Flashbox is free to use – check it out here!


Resident blogger HAX

Henrik “HAX” Alexandersson is our resident blogger since 5th of July 2014. Read his blog here.


We provide free and sponsored services for deserving parties as long as our resources can handle it, read more in the blog post 5July sponsoring Liberty, Privacy and Security around the world


5th of July Foundation uses its knowledge, contacts and resources for activism. In 2014 we nominated Edward Snowden for the Nobel Peace Prize and reported Sweden to the EU Commission for being in breach of the EU Charter. In 2015 we donated to Internet Freedom Weekend in order to bring Glenn Greenwald to Sweden. We also supported EDRi.org.

Who we are

Jon KarlungJon Karlung
Andreas NormanAndreas Norman
Oscar SwartzOscar Swartz
Love EkenbergLove Ekenberg
Johanna NylanderJohanna Nylander
Wilhelm DahlbornWilhelm Dahlborn

We come from different backgrounds and generations, but have in common a strong commitment to internet freedom.

Read more about us and the foundation here.

Support us

You can support our work by using our services, making a donation or wearing our t-shirt.

International bank transfer

  • Bank name: Swedbank
  • IBAN: SE12 8000 0811 4106 3491 2166

Bank transfer within Sweden

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