5July sponsoring Liberty, Privacy and Security around the world

5th of July Foundation uses income from its paid services, like Integrity.st, to pay its technicians, for hardware, and so forth.

Those who use our paid services can rest assured that they do indeed contribute to the causes of the foundation. We are not here to make a profit: Instead we use all incomes and resources to contribute to a better and freer internet.

Sometimes we get requests for help and for obvious reasons we do not publish exactly whom we are helping with what. But this is an authentic request for free Integrity.st accounts that was handed to us via our board member Professor Love Ekenberg, who has wide international contacts.

We were happy to help these university students in a country with restrictions on internet use, and in fact it is our paying customers that makes this possible:

I am sure prof. Ekenberg he has explained to you the difficulty we are having here accessing scientific journals, education materials, and many other resources. He has informed me that you are willing to help us out by setting up and sponsoring some accounts. We are really grateful and appreciate your kind support and generosity. We have about ## PhD and more than ### Masters students. Our financial resources are very limited and your support of some accounts is of immense help. At the same time we don’t want to burden you, so we welcome your help even if it is for a few accounts and we can discuss means to have access for all our students.

Our technicians set up and manage free, public services like our secure chat server. Read about it and follow the instructions here at https://5july.org/jabber/ and start chatting!

5th of July Foundation has recently accepted donations of used hardware from trusted sources, something we appreciate very much. This will make it possible for us to offer more public services. We hope to announce several of those here later.

5th of July Foundation is also proud to provide sponsorships that makes it a little easier for activists to do what they burn for. Our first sponsorship is to give HAX some freedom to be “Your Watchdog on Privacy, Liberty and Human Rights” at https://HAX.5july.org/

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