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Support for

There is a very readable, informative and well-researched newsletter that the chairman of this foundation always reads when it appears in the mailbox: The EDRi-gram. It is a round-up of news from all over Europe from European Digital Rights, an organization based in Brussels. EDRi defends civil rights in the information society.

5th of July Foundation made a donation to their crowdsourcing campaign today, albeit small since our economy is very limited so far. We believe it is a worthy cause so do not hesitate to give something.


Glenn Greenwald to Sweden?

5th of July Foundation considers whistleblowers and independent voices and journalists to be important catalysts for building a free society.

There is now a Kickstarter project to bring Glenn Greenwald to Sweden for an important media conference, together with Peter Sunde of the Pirate Bay and Julia Reda, Member of European Parliament for the Pirate Party (Germany). The topic is internet freedom. Greenwald is, as you may know, the journalist that was chosen by Edward Snowden to be his confidante and messenger.

Today this foundation has pledged 15.000 SEK (Swedish kronor) to bring Glenn Greenwald here. We believe that the media focus this would bring to these issues is exactly what this foundation wishes to promote.

We would urge other actors to contribute in order to make this event possible!